Final Chapter – Ram Charit Manas

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(This is a work of fiction on the final days of Lord Ram on the face of this earth, centuries ago. We all know that He was the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu and by virtue of that, there is no way he could have ‘died’ like a human, albeit he was the most human avatar or Lord Vishnu. It is reckoned that He did not know His godly demeanour until after He killed Ravan. Exactly when He did come to know is a part of this fiction ending with His ascension to the heavenly domain. Jay Shri Ram.

This is a fictionalised version of the final days of Lord Rama on this earth, before his ascension to Swarga Lok as Lord Narayana Vishnu. The author does not intend to hurt any sentiments of any religious sect with his views, which are the writer’s prerogative in writing this piece of fiction – CA Vikram S. Mathur)

Just as I was sitting on the banks of the River Sarayu, pondering over the words of Rishi Durvasa, that I realised what the import of his words were. Having sent Laxman away on some pretext was necessary, and I was shocked when I learnt that he had proceeded to Swarga Lok, perhaps also instructed by Durvasa