Jay Ganesh Deva – Om Vakratuday Namah

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Jay Ganesh Deva – Om Vakratunday Namah.

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I was actually in two minds, understandably a little confused, whether to create this blog or not, when I sat in front of my computer screen, agonizing over right and wrong. Just then, the screensaver started, and no points for guessing which image appeared first!!

Yes, it was indeed Lord Ganesh’ s image that appeared. The decision was made, as if indicated to me by the great Vignahartha Himself!!

There is therefore, no story line to this about page, deliberately have created a gallery of images conveying the symbolism and significance of Vakratunday, Ekdantay, Ganpathi etc, as he is lovingly known to His devotees. Cheers!!

23-May-2017 | 08:49 Hours IST | #SGN5